About Us

Crowborough Conservation has evolved from the Friends of Crowborough Country Park into a broader conservation group aiming to identify, conserve and protect natural habitats within Crowborough such as the Ghyll and the Bluebell Wood.

The idea behind Crowborough Conservation isn't new or unique. The Wildlife Trusts have published their vision for the future called 'Living Landscapes' and describe it as "an interconnected matrix of high quality country side and townscape where wildlife can thrive and where people can gain the multiple benefits of a healthy environment".

For biodiversity to be sustainable in the long term there needs to be a network of interlinked natural areas containing a mosaic of habitat types which can both sustain wildlife and be enjoyed by local people for generations to come.

Many District and County Councils have already set up such schemes. In fact you don't have to look very far to see a shining example of this:

Burgess Hill Green Circle started off as a local 'friends of' group based at Bedelands Nature Reserve. It is now developing a network of green spaces linked by cycle paths and footpaths around the town centre. This has only been possible by local people, the Town Council and District Council working together in identifying, securing and managing green spaces. Not just the council owned ones but privately owned pieces of land where the owners were sympathetic to the cause.

Crowborough too is having to live with the ever increasing loss of open spaces and wildlife habitats caused by development. It is encouraging then that Crowborough Town Council has for some time been working on its 'Visioning' project which includes an element of 'Green Space' and that Wealden District Council has taken onboard the need for 'Green Infrastructure'.

So, the potential to do something for the people and wildlife of Crowborough is within our grasp. All we need to do now is make it happen.

Crowborough Conservation works closely with Crowborough Town Council’s Countryside Ranger, Dan Colbourne. Dan is principally responsible for managing the town’s two Local Nature Reserves (The Ghyll and The Country Park) plus Bluebell Wood (the small woodland by Waitrose). If you see Dan out and about he is very happy to stop and chat, or to answer any question about what he is up to and why. Dan can also be contacted by e-mail [Daniel@crowboroughtowncouncil.gov.uk ].

The Committee:

Chairman – Barry Kemp
Secretary – Pat Arnold
Treasurer – David Taplin