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Pony Grazing

posted 29 Jan 2014, 13:59 by David Taplin   [ updated 4 Feb 2014, 13:40 ]

Crowborough Conservation is working with the Town Council and the Sussex Pony Grazing & Conservation Trust  to secure a sympathetic management regime for Palesgate meadow.

The meadow, which is adjacent to the Ghyll woodland, is a very rare 'Unimproved Grassland'  habitat. 

Unimproved grassland is land where there has not been any significant degree of agricultural intensification and as a result supports a huge variety of plants, insects and other wildlife.

Meadows like this have undergone a dramatic decline in the UK. Since 1930 we have lost 97% of our meadows and we now have less than 15,000 ha  left in the UK. That is equivalent to an area one third of the size of the New forest. 

Being mostly small parcels of land it is very vulnerable to development, over grazing by livestock and application of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides.

It is hoped that together with grant funding from the High Weald Sustainable Development Fund, we will soon be seeing  Exmoor ponies roaming the meadow for a few months every year, keeping invasive plants at bay in the way that only they can. 

Crowborough Conservation together with the Sussex Pony Grazing & Conservation Trust gave a short presentation at the CTC Environment committee meeting on Tuesday 28th January.

Barry Kemp, Chairman
Crowborough Conservation