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Government Plans to Scrap Wildlife Protection Legislation

posted 21 Apr 2011, 01:50 by Haley Whittall   [ updated 21 Apr 2011, 01:54 ]
Please excuse me if you have already seen a similar e-mail from the campaigning group 38 Degrees but I wanted to bring your attention to the governments next 'great'  idea. Apparently they are considering scrapping the legislation which protects our  wildlife and the countryside and helps reduce climate change. 
I can not find any detail of this other than the information that 38 Degrees are providing , but after the Forestry Commission  sell off proposals I think we should be very worried indeed. 
38 Degrees (who where instrumental in organising  public support to stop the Forestry Commission sell off) are inviting us to join their campaign. I would recommend that you take a look and decide for yourself. 

Many Thanks,

Barry Kemp (Crowborough Conservation Chair)