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Update on Crowborough Housing Plans

posted 25 Nov 2011, 10:35 by Haley Whittall   [ updated 25 Nov 2011, 14:00 ]
Following our previous news article on Crowborough housing plans, Wealden District Council have now produced a draft Strategic Sites development plan document that details the specific locations of the 300 new homes proposed in their Core Strategy.  This detailed document, including location maps, can be read in full here on the WDC website.

The following is a summary of the various options for the location of new homes that will be presented to Crowborough residents for consultation in the New Year.

A: 140 houses split between Pine Grove and three sites at Jarvis Brook

The development will be spread over four sites. These are:
  • Land at Pine Grove
  • The WDC Depot at Jarvis Brook
  • Millbrook Garden Centre
  • Land at Palesgate lane between Palesgate Lane, the railway line, and the Millbrook Industrial Estate
There are three options for spreading 140 homes between these four sites:

Option 1 Uses 50% of the Pine Grove site, and all three of the Jarvis Brook sites 
Option 2Uses 75% of the Pine Grove site, and any two of the three Jarvis Brook sites. Within this option there are three sub-options depending upon which of the three Jarvis Brook sites are omitted 
Option 3Uses 100% of the Pine Grove site, and any one of the three Jarvis Brook sites.  Again, there are three sub-options depending upon which of the Jarvis Brook sites is included 

B: 160 new houses, mainly upon greenfield land to the South East of Crowborough

There are four options for the distribution of these houses:

Option 1
Split between three sites adjacent to existing development at
  • Land between Tubwell Lane/Hadlow Down Rd/Western Rd (56 houses)
  • Luxford Lane near the junction with Luxford Rd (17 houses)
  • Land between Tollwood Road & Blackness Rd (87 houses)
Option 2All 160 houses on land between Walshes Rd and Luxford Rd, on the right hand side of Walshes Road going uphill from the Plough & Horses 
Option 3 All 160 houses between Adam Close, Walshes Rd & Walsh Manor, at the top of Walshes Rd opposite the parade of shops 
Option 4 Split between two sites near to Jarvis Brook primary school
  • Land between Tubwell Lane/Western Rd and Hadlow Down Rd (106 houses)
  • Bottom of Walshes Rd on the left going up the hill, near the riding school (54 houses)

There is also a question in the draft document that refers to an Option 5 but no fifth option is presented.

What Happens Next?

Wealden District Council intend to finalise the Strategic Sites document and to release it for public consultation in January 2012.  We do not expect it to differ significantly from the draft version already available.

Public consultation will run for six weeks from around 16th January to the end of February 2012. This consultation window is the key opportunity for Crowborough residents to comment upon the proposed locations of the 300 new houses.  Once adopted, this document will form WDC strategic planning policy so it is vital that we use the consultation process to make our views known.

In our previous update, we referred to the Government Planning Inspectorate’s approval process of the WDC Core Strategy, which underpins this Strategic Sites document.  This inspection is still in progress and WDC do not expect it to be completed before Spring 2012.  Nevertheless, they are pressing ahead with the Strategic Sites consultation on the assumption that government approval to the Core Strategy will follow later in the year.

We intend to keep our members updated on the consultation timetable for the Strategic Sites document and will be advising how you can participate in due course.