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The Ghyll

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The Ghyll

The Ghyll is an important piece of woodland that encompasses a steep-sided wooded valley carved out by a stream flowing from the north at Silver Jubilee recreation ground (Green Lane), down to Jarvis Brook recreation ground (Burdett Road) in the south.

Ghyll woodlands are important to biodiversity in Sussex because the steep-sided valleys create an almost unique microclimate with high humidity and a low frost incidence. Rare flora including ferns, mosses and liverworts can be found in these conditions.

The 42 acre site had been largely unmanaged up until 2009 when a Ranger began work on the Invasive Japanese Knotweed and litter problems.

What Happened Next?
In 2010 an ecological survey was conducted and a 5 year management plan was produced so that the site will see improvements for both visitors and the resident wildlife in the future.

Crowborough Conservation supports the Countryside Ranger, Dan Colbourne, by helping publicise the site and doing volunteer conservation work.