Threatened Species Project

Here in Crowborough we are lucky to have so much wildlife living on our doorstep, but most of it goes unnoticed by the majority of us.

There is a common feeling that we do not experience wildlife in the way we used to.  But to value our wildlife and the green spaces that supports it, we have to be aware of it.

That is why on 21st August 2011, Crowborough Conservation launched an exciting new project, funded in part by a Big Lottery Fund grant, which aims to identify and monitor key species of wildlife in Crowborough and will give local people the chance to see wildlife up close at various sites around Crowborough during 2011 and 2012.

The aims of the project are to encourage Crowborough residents to get involved in conservation tasks, to provide an opportunity to see our wildlife in its natural surroundings and to build up a better picture of exactly where wildlife occurs in Crowborough.

The surveys are taking place in a number of different sites in and around Crowborough, some of which are owned by Crowborough Town Council.

Hazel Ryan gives a talk on Dormice
Hazel Ryan gives a talk on Dormice
The Threatened Species Project launch included talks about Dormice, reptiles and amphibians and gave participants a chance to see some live Dormice from a captive breeding programme as well as a selection of wild reptiles and amphibians ‘borrowed’ for the day from various sites in Crowborough.
Slow Worm
Slow Worm

Work in 2012 is going to focus on just a few key species, namely Dormice, reptiles (including Grass snakes, Adders, Slow worms and Common lizards) and amphibians (Common frog, Common toad, Smooth newts, Palmate newts and Great crested newts). We are hoping to be able to continue this project in the long term to include many different species.
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